Redbubble Trends Tool Find the latest Redbubble trends! This list gets updated everyday

Gathering data How does it find trending tags?

Let the collecting begin:

  • Google Trends
  • POD Trending Searches
  • Others

Ranking How does it determine the best searches?

After collecting all that data, we need to start ranking it:

  • Popularity of the trend
  • Importance of the data source
  • Existing Redbubble designs
  • Secret sauce

How should I use this? Using the tool to your advantage!

It’s pretty easy! Start from the beginning:

  • Go from top to bottom. The higher the trend the higher the chance of success.
  • Click the accompanied link. What is the competition doing?
  • Head to Google. What is this Trend all about?
  • Determine if it’s worth pursuing.
  • Start designing!

Most importantly don’t waste a good trend!

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