How our Application can Help you and increase Your PROFITs Automate your RedBubble uploading

Print On Demand Automation

Start automating your redbubble upload process. With our software you’ll be able to maximize your time and profits!


Our tool is made to make your life easier. It should work right out of the box.

Unlimited uploads

Limit uploads? No way! Upload as much as you’d like. Why would you have to wait just to upload something? Silly!


We’ll never ask your password or send it anywhere! You have full control of logging in. We’ll never store it!

More time!

Stop wasting your life on easy to do tasks. Let our automatic uploader do the heavy lifting for you.

Comprehensive Features When you need stuff done Fast

Time to Excel!

It works with Excel! Need to do something fancy before uploading? Like the ease of Excel? No worries. We’ve got you covered. Don’t like excel? No problem! Just edit it in the app itself.

Safe login procedure

A lot of apps keep your login information. We don’t believe in that! Your information is yours! Keep safe with our application.

Human like

We mimic user behavior. There is no difference for the end website. Feel safe using our software
Print On Demand Automation

Setup in Minutes A simple way to get started with POD Automation

Redhare’s only purpose is to make your life easier, it provides an easy way to automatically upload designs to Redbubble. Nothing complicated, just input your data and presto!

Create your Excel Easy as C S V

Prepare your Redbubble images and excel and you’ll be automating your uploads in no time. We’ve made it simple, select your file and our software does the rest.

Start Uploading It's that simple

It’s uploading time! When we say automated we mean it. Press the GO button and we’ll do the rest. Not sure how it works? No problem we show everything. There is nothing on the background, in the beginning you can follow the whole upload from start to finish without touching the keyboard!

Redhare Premium More Speed, More Designs, More Sales!

Sure the Lite version is great! But have you checked out our Premium version?

You can expect to truly streamline your Redbubble journey:

  • With Redhare Premium you can Automate your Canva designs
  • Redhare will Automatically fills in data from your Excel/Input into your Canva Design
  • It Automatically Downloads the designs once created
  • Upload your designs straight to Redbubble after creating!

  • No Attribution link
  • Automate Canva
  • Save Your Progress
  • TeePublic
Automated Canva Designs

Just open the design you want to reuse and Redhare will input all your data from your Excel for You AND download the image.

Automated Uploads

Fully automate your Redbubble uploads. Just click GO, sit back and Relax

Start automating Today Download the latest version

“Have not been using something like this before and I’m sold. It speeds up my workflow 10 fold”


“There are a lot of tools like this out there but this one makes everything seem easy! It’s simple and gets the job done.”


“Awesome software! Thanks for creating this! Makes my life so much easier”


Upgrade to Premium Enjoy our software Ad-Free

This is a Windows application

Lite Ad-Free experience!
Unlimited Uploads
Fast and Safe uploading
Excel support
Remove promotion link
Automate CANVA designs
Premium Canva Automation
Unlimited Uploads
Fast and Safe uploading
Excel support
Remove promotion link
Automate CANVA designs

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